Evolving Ear

Dirty Pool
(Vatican Handout) - cdr

released April, 2007, edition of 25


Dirty Pool's members have spread the wealth with Phantom Limb & Bison, The Peeesseye, The Brothers Zoto, New Scalthzkgazan, and the University of Northern Colorado Concert Band. Chris Forsyth plays guitar and Shawn Edward Hansen plays organ. They love songs. They are a cover band. Thing is, they take great liberties with the songs they choose to cover. Extremely beautiful liberties. In this case, they've chosen Kangaroo, from Big Star's Third, and laid bare it's inner workings and unforseen potentials in this 30 minute live recording from the Live Shit series at the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City, NY. The fine people (person?) at Vatican Analog in Tilburg, Holland made 25 copies of this CDR for a solo Chris Forsyth gig there in April '07. 25 people didnt show up to claim them, but thanks to this here stop on the cluttered internet dirt path, we've got about 10 of 'em here for $6 (US) or $7.50 (non-US) each, including shipping/handling.

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