Evolving Ear

Robust Commerical Fucking Scream, Volume 1:
L'Embobineuse, Marseille, France - October 10, 2006


Digitalis Limtied, ltd#65.a - cassette
released March 2009


So what of this Robust Commercial Fucking Scream? Six live shows from the past four years, sprinkled with poison and dotted with sickness. Shows from all over the globe, some with special guests, some baked in the finest clay ovens this side of Mumbai. Each show will be released on it's own cassette in installments over the course of 2009. In peeesseye, we find no patterns within the chaos, we find nothing that is simple, we find nothing on which to hang our hats. but through the murk, underneath the sonic boulders these tapes, these shows encapsulate we found unmistakeable beauty.Traditional? No. Ravenous? Fuck yes. Peeesseye aren't out to win hearts & minds, they're out to consume them, destroy them, and let them finally be free.

Robust Commerical Fucking Scream subscriptions are available exclusively from Digitalis. Here, we have some individual tapes that are also available on a first come first served basis in very, very limited quantities.

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