Evolving Ear

Hot Ginger
Phantom Limb & Tetuzi Akiyama
Archive Records (AR26) - cd - edition of 500

released on November 18, 2006


A one-time meeting that actually rocks.

The mysterious and rarely spotted band Phantom Limb & Bison came together over the years 2003-2005, when the members were conducting research in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City.   The group revealed its discoveries in the spring of 2005 at a series of concerts on the East Coast of the United States and in NYC, and again in the Midwestern cities of Chicago and St. Louis.   The band members - Jaime Fennelly and Chris Forsyth of the iconoclastic group Peeesseye, synthesist/organist/overtone expert Shawn Edward Hansen, and reedist/improv slut Chris Heenan - then promptly spread themselves out over two continents as Heenan moved first to Germany, then Los Angeles, and Hansen relocated to Boston to study piano tuning.   Forsyth and Fennelly remain, for now, in Brooklyn.   Since this dissolution, recordings of performances at Phill Niblock's Experimental Intermedia and the Improvised & Otherwise Festival in Brooklyn were released in July 2006 on a self-titled CDR on the UTECH label.   A double CD of studio and live recordings is being prepared for release on Evolving Ear in early 2007.   The members of Phantom Limb & Bison continue to work under the umbrella name Phantom Limb in collaborations with others.   This CD is the result of one such project.

Phantom Limb & Tetuzi Akiyama is a collaboration between Misters Hansen & Fennelly on electric organs and Misters Forsyth & Akiyama on electric guitars. While the Japanese boogie/lowercase guitarist was on a mammoth tour of the US, they met once in June 2006 for a concert at the free103point9 Project Space in Brooklyn, home to said online radio and transmission arts organization.   The ensuing thirty or so minutes of music is preserved here by Archive Recordings of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA.   Fennelly and Hansen's low end double organ rattle and screaming Farfisa highs clear out a broad landscape for Akiyama's molten lava guitar spewings and Forsyth's more lyrical musings to flow.   Some beautiful moments of minimalist/maximalist live rumble here.


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