Evolving Ear

The Duchess of Oysterville
Chris Forsyth & Nate Wooley
(Creatve Sources) CS87 - cd

released March, 2007


The Duchess of Oysterville CD is out now on the Creative Sources label from Portugal, and available from Evolving Ear. This, the first documentation of Chris Forsyth and Nate Wooley's 4-year old collaboration, is a fine bleak beauty, recorded nearly two years ago and happliy seeing the light of day now. The piece's 25 minutes pass by like an afternoon nap on a high mountain top or in an abandoned lot, depending on your experience or inclination - take your pick. Intensity, unpredictability, and restraint meet in the hands of two intelligent and idiosyncratic players and categories such as lowercase, noise, electro-acoustic, improvisation and composition become irrelevant. Also, featuring subtly disturbing cover art by Maria Dumlao.

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