Evolving Ear
  In Celebration of Knowing All the Blues of the Evening
Phantom Limb & Earth's Hypnagogia
(unframed recordings) UFCD1 - cd

released June 2009

Phantom Limb & Earth’s Hypnagogia is the project of Jaime Fennelly (of Peeesseye) and Shawn Hansen, a spin off of the Phantom Limb & Bison mothership. The two join their forces here for an epic ride through the volatile moments of twilight. A synaesthetic kind of excursion, inspired by the deepening shades of light and dramatically rendered through the warm, swelling tones of Farfisa organ and analog synthesizer. In Celebration... in all its moody and cinematic drive could be the quintessential ‘soundtrack for an imaginary film’. But as it turns out, that would be a somewhat limiting definition. The music was recorded during a live show in Josef Astor’s photography studio in New York - time and location were chosen so as to incorporate into the performance the natural light transition, as diffused through skylight windows. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that Shawn Hansen has been working for years at a movie project of the same title: the long-exposure photographs included in the sleeve graphics and postcards are part of said long-term film project.

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