Evolving Ear

(as is stated...before known)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Chris Forsyth
EE07 - cd

released October 2003


Four years of collaboration by east/west coast guitarists results in this document of song structures swathed in suspended disbelief, old timey acoustics, and electronic texture.

"A very attractive balance achieved between pastoral, acoustic ruminations and granular, 'a-musical' electronics. (as is stated...before known) is a fine, understated album." - Brian Olewnick, Squid's Ear www.squidsear.com

"inspired nonidiomatic playing and dreamy song-inducing themes, as fragile and fugitive they might be. This is the strangest album this pair has released yet, but perhaps the easiest to listen to." - François Couture, Music Guide, www.allmusic.com


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