Evolving Ear

Sun Reverse the Footpedal
Tim Olive & Fritz Welch
EE09 - cd

released August 2004


Tightly wound non-maximalism combining borrowed electric guitar, percussion, and snow.   Artwork by Matt Bua.

"Despite the musicians' marked preference for tiny sounds and gestures, the music they make - provided you give it the time and attention it demands - creates and sustains a sense of tension often absent from lowercase improv...another compelling and uncompromising outing from the Evolving Ear label." - Dan Warburton, www.paristransatlantic.com

"This barn recording from Brooklyn drummer Fritz Welch and Canadian/Japanese guitarist Tim Olive is a beautifully conceived minimalistic collaboration... Obviously affected by their surroundings, the duo sympathetically respond to the creaking timbers of the 19th century barn they are using as a recording studio, with much clattering, scraping, and bumping around in the dead of night. Olive mostly concentrates on plucking at the pickups of his guitar, while Welch's shuffling percussion is economical to say the least. The sounds they make together, however, eventually resemble those of the insects and other nocturnal creatures that inhabit the barn, until the two musicians gradually become a part of the building's environment, construction, and history." - Edwin Pouncey, the Wire


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