Evolving Ear

Back Flow-er
Shawn Hansen
EE10 - lathe cut acetate lp (edition of 20)

released November 2004


In a storm of confusion and thought, Shawn Hansen makes his debut solo album, Evolving Ear's first acetate LP release. His work in the past, being locally distributed by his imaginary record company and architectural structure, Sycamore House/KJEA, has been described as a combination of conceptual composition, hermetic arts, and improvisation with a mid-west mentality. This particular album contains a prelude to his acetate project, The Atlas Lexicons , an attempt to create a film where the spiral-lathe-cut acetate replaces the acetate of the film stock, leaving the viewer in the dark. Among other tracks, the A-side of the album contains an excerpt of the eleven hour piece, The Last Saturday Nights , a composition for a decaphonic saxophone organ. Each numbered acetate is individually cut on the lathe and signed by the artist including notes and artwork individual to each copy, limited to a run of 20.

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