Evolving Ear

Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators
EE12 - cd

released June 2005


Captured live and in the studio over the course of 2003-2004, Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators is the definitive pee-ess-eye blast of true and pure sacrificial brain-rot. A fifty-minute collection of densely cultivated mitherings from the unforeseen masters of complete silence.

Featuring beautiful full color gatefold cover art and poster by Fritz Welch and Stephen O'Malley.

"(psi) use any kind of noise to show their fangs to a common acceptance of the role of "musicians": one understands their capabilities from lots of elements, mastery of dynamics and sound placement on top of everything, but the whole package brims with repressed rage on the verge of explosion - the definitive farewell to that "beauty" that psi consider as enemy but is actually redefined, in raw clothing, by themselves." - Touching Extremes

"...bracing jolts slicing through the stillness like gunshots at a funeral." - Marc Masters, Baltimore City Paper

"Subverting mundane noise-mongering, pee-ess-eye turns electronic dismemberments, punk-club field recordings, and raw feedback tangles into something elegant." - Brandon Stosuy, Magnet Magazine

"A real album in the classic sense...retarded silent noise." - Michael Anton Parker, DMG

"Four inches of angry dick is still four inches, guys." - David Cotner, Signal to Noise

"This is the best CD I've heard. Ever." - Nate Wooley, Jersey City, NJ, USA

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