Evolving Ear

EE13 - cdr

released November 2005


Evolving Ear presents the first "official" release by New York City's Talibam!

Think Media Dreams -vintage Sun Ra organ blowouts locking in with saxophone feedback and a single Plunderphonic-ed Keith Moon drum fill for 40 minutes. Or, imagine Andy Kaufman sitting in on keyboards with Borbetomagus at next year's ABC No Rio benefit. Whoa.

Each copy of Talibam! is packaged in a cut up recycled LP cover with a vinyl insert and a photo of a lone Silver Apples fan taken in Union Square in 1969.

Last copies available.  

"Agro-improv troupe Talibam! will surely harsh your mellow. A cross between noise-rock, free-jazz and unabashed fuckeduppedness, Talibam! is audio terrorism at its most playful...drummer Kevin Shea and the hideous gurgles of what might be Speak & Spells (Matt Mottel, synth) suffocating under distortion pedals (Ed Bear, feedbacksaphone)." - Chris Weingarten, Village Voice

"The music matches the mania of the packaging perfectly as the trio let loose a ...blast of sonic sludge that gleefully destroys everything in it's path, as if on a mission." - Edwin Pouncey, The Wire


contact flangedconfection (at) yahool (dot) com for copies


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