Evolving Ear

oo-ee-oo (burnt offering)
EE15 - cdr

released February 12, 2006


This live recording was made while the group was locked blindfolded and incapable of compassionate intolerance in a dank and noise-damaged basement in central New Jersey, USA. Harmonium, unamplified guitar, percussion and voice amass into a nekrocoustic force field of reiterated intensions. This ceremonial music demonstrates the simultaneous collision of utter apathy and the assertion of infernal humanity.

Each copy is packaged in a black Digipak with hand-glued and hand-stamped artwork by the band.

"'Oo-ee-oo' may not be a product of demonic possession or religious fervor, but the disc hints at flavors of both, and (peeesseye) are shown to have certainly hit a vein." - Adam Strohm, Dusted

"...the music just might be a deep black/bleak folk ritual, with the good sense to not call itself by some "adjective folk" genre name." - Larry Dolman, Blastitude #19

Marc Masters said too many things to quote. Check his review .

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