Evolving Ear

Put it In
Manpack Variant
(chocolate monk) - choc189

released sometime in 2009


Quoth the Choco Monk: "I know you kids are down with the importance of cleansing ones pallet, so at this time of year when your head is recovering from all the Festivus festering I'd like to point you in the direction of the all new release from Manpack Variant, the drunken toddler child of one Jaime Fennely (Peesseye, pee in my face with surgery, Phantom Limb & Bison) and some slackjaw called Chris Peck. A true dip into the slimey-yet-wonderous tank of "Man, I'd love to see the movie that was meant to be the soundtrack for." Enginered by audio wizard and Sun City 'resident' Scott Colburn. Now take your instruments and your chorus and stick them where the light don't bite, baby."


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